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People always talk about wanting to travel and see the world, but what about exploring the very country we live in. I think people often get too caught up in the idea that a passport is required in order to go on an adventure. The point of this blog is to showcase just how much exploring you can do without even leaving the country. Now onto the first adventure…

image of a south dakota license plate, courtesy of Greg Gayden on flickr
Courtesy of Greg Gayden (flickr)

Growing up my mom would always tell stories about a cross-country road trip she took as a kid and since I was little I have wanted to go on my very own. After casually mentioning it every now and then for years, this spring I saw my chance. We were somewhere on Interstate 95 between Baltimore and Florida, when we saw a South Dakota license plate and she mentioned how she had always wanted to visit Mount Rushmore. Through that opening in the conversation I proposed that her graduation gift to me could be a road trip to Mount Rushmore. She must have been going delirious from being in the car so long because without any further convincing on my part, she agreed.

paper map of the united states

At some point in the early stages of planning our road trip, Yellowstone National Park came up, we figured if we were going to be driving all the way from Florida to Mount Rushmore than we might as well add a stop in Yellowstone to the trip. Weeks later, after hours of research and going to multiple stores to find a map, because apparently no one sells physical maps anymore, we created a preliminary itinerary, mapped out our route and set our start date as September 22.

Follow along as I share more of my road trip adventure.

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