Mine Falls | Nashua, NH

image of a creek flowing through the forest, with light snow covering on the bank under a blue sky

Before we were all advised to stay home and stay inside, I got the chance to go home and spend some time in New Hampshire. While I was home the weather was particularly nice for a New England winter, so one day my mom and I decided to go for a walk through a local park. While I grew up in the area, I probably hadn’t been to the park more than 10 times. The land the park sits on was purchased in 1969 in a joint effort by the city of Nashua and the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund. In 1992, the 9.7 miles of trails throughout the park became part of the New Hampshire Heritage Trail system. The park’s 325-acres includes everything from forest and wetlands to open fields. Today park visitors have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of activities like walking, fishing, cross-country skiing, and biking as well as organized sports like soccer and baseball inside the park.

While I grew up in the area and obviously knew the park’s name, I had never put two and two together that there was actually a waterfall somewhere in the park. Then on the walk with my mom in January, we decided to veer off the path we were on and down a side trail and ended up randomly coming across the waterfall. Simply happening to come across the waterfall in a park I had grown up around, reminded me that none of us have to go far to discover something new or find adventure and that we should never stop exploring, even in our own backyard.

image of a frozen pond with some snow on the ground

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